Thursday, March 03, 2005

every bug has its own time..

Every bug has got a lifetime for itself. This is going to be my proposition tonight. Not that I felt it today or right now. I ve felt it quite a many number of times and wanted to write on it (and this concept of writing being spontaneously felt works only for those who had all the time for that).
I got the time now (May be... nay.. always, every germ-thought-for-a-write-up also has its own lifetime!) and so am putting my thoughts as words. We somehow try to fix some really headache bugs thinking day and night on that (this attributes to ur fresher-to-the-industry too as I ve observed) and it does get fixed. But, not when you wanted it to. Later, sometimes much later, that it starts sounding trivial to you as you might not have done much to catch it. Here, I would like to tell what extent of generalization I ve applied on the word "bug". This could be an issue the solution to which you need to find (not exactly a fix to a wrong solution, I mean). A reforming of your code to make it work clean etc. anything. not essentially a wrong-to-right jump!
Thats when you feel, you being the coder still are not able to find what's wrong in your code as it grows in size. Your helplessness is sometimes perplexing. But thats only for a moment. The experience-storage facility implemented up in our brain, then on, tells u in future that "hey buddy! you r of course helpless!". And, thats when you get such a magnitude of complacency, loss of reasoning and lawlessness that would very much result in a very similar essay as this one.
Consider this. You are the God and the program you write is a simpleton who seems to go the way God shows to him. Thats when the bug thing comes up in its mind and screws up the whole process of goody-goody codes and equivalent results.

But, you do know that God (here, I mean the actual God, if he exists) is not able to control the way world moves with its bunch of simpletons! (you, me and the rest of a**holes!)

Don't you see the analogy? (look back.. those words.. 'god', 'simpleton', 'goody-goody', 'bug', 'screws up', 'equivalent results' etc.)
Thats a lot of noir stuff, in disguise! huh? ;)

Sometimes you are the crow and sometimes the statue! Sigh!