Friday, May 19, 2006


Anyone who looks at this blog for the very first time would easily sense its overwhelming insensibility along with an almost surreal revelation that it’s, after all, written by a fellow human being.
But, I don’t claim to be weird. In fact, I am not weird. I think claiming insanity is a bit too pompous. Insane people don’t happen just like that on an ordinary day. Just some irrelevant inconsequential writings do not a lunatic make.

“Why are you boring us to death with all this?” you ask. Well, just when I was about to leave for a 2-weeks long vacation to Chennai, I pompously made a statement that more “inanity is in the offing,” in my previous post. Sheer over-confidence.

Anyway, it’s time to eat some humble pie. I am put to shame. I confess that, I can’t be perennially insensible. And, I am not insane.

No posts (or I might sneak in one or two) for a month or so, much to the relief of young optimistic readers looking forward to a bright colorful future.

Off to a big vacation!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The best smoke of my life

Just an hour ago, I had the best smoke of my life. Actually speaking, it was the first true smoke in which I actually inhaled it and all that jazz. It felt good; in fact, great!

My admiration for smoking as an act of doing something still remains. Just that it went up by a couple of notches after this event.

Note: Insensible posts will follow soon. Not that there has been any break or something. This is just an assurance to the non-existent readers that more inanity is in the offing.

Updated (that it wasnt all that great after all) on May 18, 2006 at 11:18 a.m. after 4 full days of arbitration.

Friday, May 05, 2006

“Number ‘Theory’”

All numbers are equal, but some numbers are more equal than the others.

Here’s my take if asked (and even if not asked) to enlist such numbers.

0 and ∞
are (not to mention that they are one and the same) zero and infinity, and hence qualify by default.

1 represents unity; that is, the commonness, symmetry et al in the universe. And most importantly, it signifies the symmetry between 0 and ∞. Just for that, it qualifies.

2. Two. To be, or not to be: is that *the* question? Or, is that just a question? Now, that’s something I have been thinking about for a long time. Is ‘2’ special? Is binary natural, by design? Or, is it just an ‘implementation detail?’
The world in binary mode seems too simplistic. But, at the same time, ‘2’ definitely seems much more special than the rest of the numbers.
“Is this problem indecidable by nature?” I keep asking myself, much as I am convinced that, how much ever I try, I will never get the moment of clarity. (Since, there isn’t any!)
The question is whether ‘2’ is special. There are 2 answers that seem equally good.
Oru Korvaiyaa varla?
So, it qualifies in its own way, even as it fails.
Moreover, it represents two sides of the symmetry between 0 and ∞, which however are one and the same.
Haiyyo! Bayangara Korvaiyaa varuthu!

Well, the rest are mere numbers, each of them just as mere as the rest.