Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tagged again

Okay, I'm back after a long time, this time to take Dagalti's tag. I'm supposed to list “seven things I love.” So here goes...

1. Perfect idleness. There are only few things in this world that give me more pleasure than just sitting idle. Sit and stare blankly. To borrow a perfect line from a great essay, “[i]t is our observation that every time we get into trouble it is due to not having been lazy enough.” I'm appreciative of boredom too. It enables one to understand what one really wants to do (which is probably nothing).

2. Theorising. I love to form theories, to formalise the ideas that pop up in my mind, and build more theories on top of that. Needless to say, the subject matter is so silly in most cases.

3. Late night reflections on life, the universe and everything. Some times with friends, some times talking on the phone, some times alone on the terrace, some times after a few glasses of wine or some such spirit.

4. Going out for a cup of coffee or tea in the evening on a holiday after being “perfectly idle” up to that point. And for some reason I prefer going to upscale coffee shops like CafĂ© Coffee Day or Barista. (Yeah, shoot me.)

5. Dining at a favourite restaurant with friends after spending enough time planning for or thinking about it (basically, after enough “foreplay”). Lunch at Sree Krishna Kafe during the weekend would outrank everything else in this category, as of now.

6. Hunting DVDs. I spend hours searching for DVDs (and VCDs) in shops that have a good collection. Regularly visit all the usual suspects (Landmark, Crossword, Music World, Planet M, et al.). And when it comes to books, I'm actually quite consumerist in that I tend to be satisfied with merely buying them.

7. The drive back home after watching a damn good film. There's something about having been a “witness” to a great film that really excites me.

Some of these things might appear to be overlapping with each other, but I suppose they do differ in the kind of pleasure they give me. (Yeah, that's how boring I am.)