Sunday, May 14, 2006

The best smoke of my life

Just an hour ago, I had the best smoke of my life. Actually speaking, it was the first true smoke in which I actually inhaled it and all that jazz. It felt good; in fact, great!

My admiration for smoking as an act of doing something still remains. Just that it went up by a couple of notches after this event.

Note: Insensible posts will follow soon. Not that there has been any break or something. This is just an assurance to the non-existent readers that more inanity is in the offing.

Updated (that it wasnt all that great after all) on May 18, 2006 at 11:18 a.m. after 4 full days of arbitration.


  1. Ok..after coll...vodkas, smoking..dude whats next in ur life???

  2. Dude,
    I only admire (conditions apply) smoke. I don't love, or even like, it. So, there isn't even a question of second smoke! :P
    And on second thoughts, it was good, but not really great.

  3. Keeping aside ppl's romance with cigars...what beats me is the fact that Man didnt bring any development in the 'smoking' scenario - The same old cylindrical paper pipes with tobacco stuffed in different styles...its high time he adds flavour to the romance ;-p

  4. Smoking is the one thing that I have opinions on, thanks to my near ones who have been affected by it.

    It's something that your neighbor will hate you for(the smell on the clothes), your friend will repramind you, and you feel depressed after the fag.

    All Im saying is next time you pick up the joint, think twice, choose the martini instead; it's more fun in the long run :-)

  5. Mithra,
    Ha, such animosity! Anyway, don't you worry. As a matter of fact, I don't need to think twice to ditch both the joint and martini alike. Be it, the spirit or smoke, it all lies within ;).
    I love very few things in my life. It works just fine that way.