Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How not to have yourself arrested 101

The Prologue a.k.a The regular ramble
This blog that is half-dormant wakes up when I seriously try to reiterate the obvious; or quite unusually, when I really have something to say. Or do both these things mean the same? It certainly appears so.

The post
Another day. Another thing. Suhasini has joined hands with Kushboo after apologising to her on behalf of tamilians and has received brickbats from all quarters ranging from the Nadigar Sangam to what not (and a new case is also being filed). I don't feel the slightest of the responsibility to apologise on behalf of the rambunctious bunch who raised this as an issue at first place, though. Apparently, Suhasini did and is in the loop now.
More importantly, I wonder if a non-bailable warrant can be issued against somebody who didn't turn out to attend the court hearing on a case which is worth contending for the stupidest of the cases ever filed. Isn't there any validation before calling for a court session? Or, was that the Mettur Judge actually felt Kushboo did something which is worth a hearing?
One of my acquaintances pondered over this:- What would have been the reaction from this wild bunch (sorry, Peckinpah) if it was, umm, a man - and a born tamilian at that - said the same thing? Now, that reveals quite many dimensions of this issue. There are still people out there believing that they actually have let Kushboo live in T.N. and she better dance to their tunes (which apparently she did in the past :p).

The Epilogue
I believe staunchly that all living beings (and their beliefs) are equally stupid. And, time and again, there's somebody out there who comes dangerously close to dash this theory off.


  1. If a man would have siad then a few feminist organization would have protested which the media woudn't have bothered to report... Tamil Nadu is becoming a heaven for fundamentalist and MCP's.

  2. I've blogged Kushboo's original comments in Tamil. You can see them on the following URL


    A free translation with no recourse follows. If there are other Tamils, you are welcome to provide alternate / better translations. This translation may also be blogged / posted with some credit to me... but with no copyrights.. :

    ========= start kushboo's comments with some notes from me ==========

    *From Sep 28 2005 India Today*

    "Kushboo : ..Chennai *was* behind Bangalore with regard to women expressing sexual matters ...."
    (Note : I've used "matters" here as her Tamil word does not exactly translate to desires).

    Kushboo : ".....Now women in Chennai are also crossing these mental taboos on sexual matters. We get to see a lot of women (girls? ) in Pubs and discos (at Chennai). (These days) Women can talk freely on matters regarding sex. Slowly the woman is opening her wings and has started flying out in this restricted society. Still, accidents to women like Stephany raises some questions about how healthy this trend is?. Sex education is very essential in schools. Even if sex education is not provided in schools, parents have to teach their children about sex....."

    Kushboo : "...For me sex is not just a physical thing. Its mental too. I can't understand how women can change their boy friends every week..."
    (Note : Kushboo says that she can't accept this habit of changing boy friends per week.... NOT that this does NOT happen !!. That means there are many girls who have weekly boyfriends and Kushboo who is aware of pubs and discos must have a good overview of this.
    Note : Its quite possible that after a few years, meaning 52 x 4 = 208 boyfriends when these new age women get married, they would get rather tired of men and soon seek the 498A route :-()

    Kushboo : "....If a girl is going strong with her boyfriend, she can go out with him after informing her parents..."
    (Note : No issue of seeking permission here. I've carefully read the Tamil word / words. It just says inform. Not seek permission)

    Kushboo : "...If a girl has a Strong relationship, the parents have to allow that...."
    Note : all about relationships BEFORE marriage. Social acceptance of the same etc... and then comes the clincher)

    Kushboo : "...Our society has to be liberated from thoughts like "a woman has to be a virgin at the time of marriage". No educated man would expect his wife to be a virgin. However, women have to safeguard themselves from pregnancy or other disease, while having pre - marital sex....."
    Note : So the issues are just physiological and economic at the maximum. don't get pregnant before marriage and don't be left holding the baby !!. The issue is NOT about chastity..

    Kushboo : "...I married the man I was in love with. Since we were sure about our relationships, we had sex before marriage. Its now six years since marriage. Since we have two children, our responsibilities have grown. Since the children sleep in the same room as we do we need to find other private times (/moments) for us. Still we have a happy married life. Married people should know how to satisfy their spouse's physical needs. There would be no problems, if desires are understood mutually. ..."
    (Note : She has had pre marital sex. She says she married the same person. She was an actress BEFORE she was married.)

    Kushboo : "...Some increase gratification by using sex books, photos etc. One cannot say that is wrong. At the same time At the same time, one should understand the other's likes, dislikes and comforts, discomforts. Men who mistake women talking about sex should change their views. Mutual consent is essential for sex. ..."
    (Note : Last para is some general whitewash .. The whole interview speaks tons about pre marital sex, sex between partners, safe sex and so on. At one point she cautions women *not* to get pregnant by Pre marital sex !!)

    ========= end of Translation and comments =================