Friday, July 29, 2005

Which came first? - I

Of all the thoughts that really fascinate me, backtracking through man's history (or a more generic form of life) to guess how man discovered various entities in life/nature/world/universe from scratch is one of my favourites. Or, to be more precise, my most favourite topic! So, here it goes....

Which of these ideas struck man first? and which one followed?

a. God,
b. Luck, or
c. Murphy's law (in its spirit, of course)

If clarifications required, read about God, Luck, and Murphy's law.

Now, Answers?


  1. interesting one.
    Luck and Murphy's law being simple concepts,should've come first, followed by god.

    This is my theory(in spirit,of course)...
    "One day man went for hunting and found nothing to hunt.First failure.He followed the pattern, since then.One night,he racked up his brains and found out he succeeded only when he took a particular path.He named it lucky and the force 'luck'.
    But another day,a shock was awaiting him.His luck didnt work.He failed inspite of it.That night,after a lot of thinking,he came out with the "if something can go wrong,it will" concept.
    God got into the picture quite sometime later.Even though man had a lot of questions like "how did i get here?why am i here?why am i thinking?why am i feeling hungry?why do i feel pain?where is the sun disappearing every evening?...." and on and on,he was too egoistic to accept someone or something to be more powerful than him.One fine day,he saw death.The ultimate defeat.He invented God to take the weight off his shoulders."

    I guess man found the word 'escapism' before all these three and showed them as examples. And he wouldnt have dreamt of God if he'd been immortal.