Friday, October 07, 2005

Which came first? - II

Again, Which of these came first? and which one followed?

a. Atheism,
b. Theism, or
c. Agnosticism



  1. Playing this game, one should answer that atheism came first because it is not a belief but a lack thereof. Of course, the term came into being because of theism, which seems to imply that theism came first. However, it is only the word "theism" that came first in the sense that someone created a deity and then called all those who did not believe in that deity an "atheists" and all those who do not know if that deity exists or not "agnostics."

  2. uberkuh,
    Precisely my opinion! Atheists came first without being aware of any kind of theism. Then came the theists who necessitated a moral explanation for the way of life and proposed some explanations as well.
    And by extending this, theism came next and agnosticism came the last.
    I am not sure if I put it right in the above lines, though :p.