Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Of Spirits and Spiritualism

The Prologue:
The vodka[1] doesn't know you drink it. You have feelings about it, but it has no feelings about you. The vodka doesn't know what you paid. People shouldn't get emotionally involved with their vodka.
- Anon

The Post:
Of late, I have started feeling that booze is over-rated. This was the last significant theory I had come up with to bore my friends. Here, I have also found some obvious parallel between Vodka and God. Vodka never does it to you. You do it using Vodka. But, human beings always want to attribute certain things to external influences. God is one. Vodka is another. I really don't question this phenomenon, because I embrace irrationality as it comes. If not for that quality, the human race wouldn't be what it is. This attribution of our acts to external and internal influences have always been a point of discussion and arguments for our ancestors, and suggestions for external influences have always been interesting. Thats for another blog post. Or, may be not.
So, this degenerates into another ramble after I realised that booze is no more what it used to be for me. I am disillusioned, like a devout theist suddenly pondering why God never actually eats the prasaadam which is made for him. Yeah, the sudden rational questionning about the destination of Prasaadam is quite unfair to the God. But, I am not gonna budge. Now, I keep challenging my friends that mabbu is within. Perhaps later, I might (in all probability) come a full circle and become a theist back again. But for now [2], I am a teetotaller-convert!

The Epilogue:
Mabbu glass'la'yaa irukku? Manasu'la irukku....
- Zero, as on Dec 11, 2005.
{It is to be noted here that the author apparently had 3 sessions of booze and deep contemplation after making this particular quote and is completely convinced of its validity}

[1] - The reader can replace all the occurrences of Vodka with his/her favourite drink. Mine was not Vodka. But, it somehow was apt from a writer's POV. Something like a Tequila was too cult'ish for this post.
[2] - It is a pure coincidence that such a stance is taken during the dawn of another year. But, now that it has coincided, I might as well call it my new year resolution! But, does "I might not drink much as of now" count as one? :D

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