Tuesday, February 07, 2006

On why I'll never know the God completely..

Well, you simply adore the man; and he is why you come close to being a theist. You write posts like this in your blog; and keep referring to him in your messenger status.

And then, you get to hear these wonderful songs for the first time (hat tip: Guitar Prasanna; got a chance to listen after reading that article, which btw is a great read, multiple times in the past).

Man.. it's time to eat the humble pie and play that great little gem Pazhaiya Sogangal [1 (rm file), 2 (mp3; resgistration required, go here or use allout/allout ;))] in repeat mode. Ah, Bliss!

Incidentally, Icarus Prakash has had pointed one Mr. Kavi to the same location in an old post in Narayanan's blog. (Though the links he had provided is with the old domain name, www.raajangahm.com, which doesn't seem to work now. In fact that's the case even with the article as well. Will the site admin take note? But for that to happen, I definitely shouldn't be writing in this blog.)


  1. Hey,that song was great...well,in repeat mode,it is bliss.Thanx for the link.

    PS:Of course,glory to the guy who made it possible.

  2. the song was great. The guitar pieces and chords were great like that in "Ilaya nila" song. I don't know how many hidden gems are there like this.