Friday, August 25, 2006

My Meta-life

The coffee had come a long while ago and I hadn’t picked it from my table. I was just thinking about my life, like any other day. A meta-life of sorts, I have.

Love is not even conspicuous by its absence. There is such a disconnection between me and the world around me that I have started failing in many an aspect of my daily life. This sort of alienation, I find, is puzzling by its lack of complexity. I have long become a person, who looks at one’s own life as a specimen and expresses things about, not oneself, but one’s life, and universe, if one fancies.

This looming sense of emptiness has been there for a long while, but, as one can apparently see, it hardly matters, as far as one holds up to something; with the help of which he can wade through life.

But in this state, I am afraid if I have lost that too. The only thing that excites me is films, listening to music, etcetera. All I am left with is just some pseudo-artistic inclinations to quench myself in vain. Honestly, someone whose bread-and-butter issue is settled, and is hard pressed to spend time in a “quality” way, is the perfect recipe for an aspiring artist. But, I don’t aspire to be anything because I am scared of aspirations. And, I think I am right doing that.

And, now, I am sipping my coffee that has gone cold, and planning to go to Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu tonight.

P.S.:- As I resumed writing this, even the coffee was taken away without my noticing it. So I will stop here and get my fresh cup of coffee.


  1. seems like U do not wanna go for any change in your life other than music and movies, like many other people.i do not think you should be drunk anyway, since you already sound sloshed.AS DESPERATE AS POSSIBLE.

  2. I,
    Coffee would do just as good, I think.

    Mabbu glass'laya irukku? Manasula irukku! And, you embarass me. I am not hoping for any change and all w.r.t. movies or music. That's how I wade through my time. That's all.

    mm, indeed.

  3. hi Mr.Zero,
    no i meant you are happy with how you are now,watching movies and listening to music.when the case is so why do you need a change at all?did not intend to embarass u anyway.

  4. Hey, u look so desperate !or I should say, u would have been so desperate when you wrote this post... Is the disconnection still there ??
    I wonder what do u expect to happen in life !!