Thursday, December 07, 2006

A ‘Ha!’ moment

My life takes a 360-degree turn every goddamn day. And, hell, it takes me along with it.
-0- on 07/06/2006 7:00:18 p.m.

Yours truly, more on this, at Chenthil’s.
[T]here's definitely something about going all around on what seems like a circular path and coming back to what seems like the same point, but still feeling that you must definitely be standing at a different point.[link]

This is the profound truth that I’ve been trying to express all along in this blog, and by far the profoundest thing I’ve said in it, staying true to the character.

Thank-you Note: Mukund and Chenthil.


  1. This was explained in an easier way in Tamil movies long ago - "Ulagam Urundai, Ladduvum urundai"

  2. Right ho, Chenthil! We Tamilians have always been pioneers in this respect.

    Some of my all-time favourites:
    1. "Illingo, idhu bigilu, idhu biskothu" - No words for this. Awesome.

    2. "Chappathi chappathi thaan, rotti rotti thaan!" - What sublime wit!