Friday, December 08, 2006

On existential wit and profundity

1. "Illingo. Idhu bigilu, idhu biskothu." - Kamal Haasan in Pammal K. Sambandham. No words for this. Just awesome.

2. "Chappathi chappathi thaan, rotti rotti thaan." - Nagesh in Nawab Naarkali. What sublime wit!


  1. Probably less than 0.5% of the audience thought about that line from PKS after the movie was over and even lesser remembered it.

    Thanks. Very much.

  2. ulagamum uruNdai laddum uruNdai - charuhasan in meendum oru kathal kathai

  3. The best line in teh movie had to be.. "Enakku SUpposum aagadhuuuu.....

    (after a while).. "Enakku onniyum aagadhu" :-).

  4. A minor correction, though. It goes like this:
    "Suppose ellaam varraadhu.. Enukku Onniyum Varaadhu!"

    "Aen theriyuma?..." PKS gets all set to explain. "Shot ready-nnen!" Ramesh Kanna interrupts. rotfl!

    Talking about such situationally funny lines, another favourite of mine is at the lawyer's place when Abbas repeats,
    "Vivagarathellaam Kudukka mudiyaadhu.."
    PKS says "Dey... irraaa adhaan sollttiye."

    It cracks me up every time! So much that I use it myself out of context.

  5. Aah, what blasphemy! It's the other way round --
    "Illinga. Idhu Biskothu, idhu bigil."

  6. zero,

    is there any speciality behind "chapaathi chapaathithan roti rotti than" wit by nagesh!

    naan konjam tubelight... :)

  7. Vignesh,
    Anubavikkanum, aarayak koodaadhu. Explain-u -- pannave koodaadhu.

  8. Ok. I've seen PKS some 50 times but can't recall this line. Enge, eppo, eppadi and where the fuck?


  9. CC,
    Hope this helps!

    PKS (Thalaivar) goes to Maria Kutti's house to know how Janaki knows the "lyrics of the song" that PKS "hears."

    PKS: "Unga vattathullaara naan fit aava maattenga..."

    Janaki: "Aaveenga. Adhaan vidhi!"

    PKS: "Illinga. Idhu biskothu, idhu bigil."

    Sheer genius, I tell you!

  10. I don't understand the biskothu-bigil thing. :-(

  11. Viji,
    There is nothing to understand! (Or, like the great PKS himself puts it, Anubavikkanum, aarayak koodadhu.)