Thursday, July 19, 2007

Doctorate degree for Kanaga next year

Shilpa Shetty is now Dr. Shilpa Shetty. (Link via Confused.)
The Leeds Metropolitan University, apparently a leading university in the U.K., is conferring a doctorate degree on the actress, presumably for her eminent contribution to arts in India.

Now, anyone who's familiar with Shilpa Shetty's wide spectrum of works in Indian films (from "Chura Ke Dil Mera" of Main Khiladi Tu Anari to "Muthu Muthu Mazhai Muthaadudhe" of Mr. Romeo) would gleefully approve of this well-deserved conferment.
But, it's really a shame, that it required a foreign university to jump in and do this honour to the actress, who has served, and continues to serve, our own nation, in many wonderful ways, all these years.

Now, don't rationalize. They're not conferring this on her to atone for the rather unfortunate turn of events bordering on racial harassment that was inflicted on her in the now infamous T.V. show, Big Brother.
But, supposing that unfortunate incident did have an impact on this matter, I wonder what the degree of harassment and the resultant impact would have been if someone like Kanaga (yesteryear Tamil artist) went to participate in the TV show instead.


  1. kanaka also can shake her hips...why not for kanaka? :)

  2. hi,
    I have been reading your (infrequent) posts for almost a year now.I really love the way you write, esp that sarcasm and satire that literally drips in your sentences:)Incidentally,I also apprenticed in satire/cynicism at NITT :-)

  3. Shriram,
    Thanks. And, coming from a fellow-RECTian, it really feels good.
    But, I must also add, I am disappointed quite a bit. Here I was thinking that my writing, good or bad, borders on humanism and stuff like that, and you come and shatter it all.

  4. "Humanism and stuff like that" thats what I meant:-)

  5. "Humanism and stuff like that" thats what I meant:-)

  6. indha rec pasangaluke romba koipu ba

  7. what's up... long time, no post.

  8. Instead of kanaga its Vijay and Shankar! :)