Sunday, July 08, 2007


So, I’m tagged by Mithra. Yeah, yeah, I know, it is a teenager thing to do, and I constantly position myself as too old and numb for such stuff. But, silly, gentle emotions overtake snobbishness, when you’ve some idle time and your snobbery is getting you nowhere.

1. Players start with 5 random facts about themselves. The random facts must be both deeply philosophical and flatly ludicrous at once. (As a leeway, what the player says need not be random or factual as such.)
2. Those who are tagged must behave like nice people. They should post these rules, modifying them suitably if necessary, and their 5 random facts. They must not think of this as a teenager’s activity. Life’s all about such innocent fun (even if you’re in your late-20s, obsessed with more important things like the original identities of bloggers and blog-commenters, or in 30s and completely bald).
3. Players should tag 3 other people and notify them they have been tagged. (If they don’t feel like doing this, there’s another alternative: they should post 10 random facts instead of 5.)

Random facts about me:

1. Much as I project myself like someone who’s spontaneously absurdist in nature as far as life and such stuff go, I am deeply confused myself. Is the essence ananda or dukka, I kept asking myself and a dumbstruck friend for a few days when those two fancy words caught my eyes recently. Now, you tell me. Ananda ‘va, dukka ‘va?

2. I’ve this thing with wrappers of the things of the kind I cherish (and cinema tickets too). That is, I cherish things with their wrappers. So, even when I take off the polythene wrapper of a DVD I bought, I do that so carefully that I don’t tear it up more than just necessary, I keep the polythene wrapper safely in the shelf. I’ve the polythene wrappers of almost all the CDs and DVDs in my reasonably huge collection. (I even plan to revisit them sometime.)

3. Maths was my favourite subject at school and college (closely followed by history). When I was a little kid, I was fascinated to no end with numbers and patterns in them. A vintage example I remember is this: Exponents of 2 all miss being perfect numbers by 1. (Another favourite musing was this: While 5-times-5 was 25, 4-times-6 was 24.) I used to think I was special.

4. Until quite recently, I thought ‘vulnerable’ is an adjective used mostly in a derogatory sense!

5. In the past year or so, I’ve acquired this absolutely strange habit. Whenever I am writing something – a post, or, at times, even a comment, I search the web for various strings of continuous words (closed in double quotes) in what I’ve written to see if I am employing the words and expressions the right way, and get a precise idea of how expressions and figures-of-speech are being used as against how they must be used. Of course, the result of this is mostly nothing. (I did this a couple of times, even for this post. My grammar is bad alright, but this is too cumbersome an effort for nothing.)

I tag:
1. ‘I’ thambi; because, he’s jobless. (And, I could blackmail him to respond to the tag, by threatening to refuse to co-write the poignant story of a single Tamil boy who suddenly falls in love with a girl whom he last saw many years ago, that I’ve developed.)
2. Inlivenout; because, I think she’s basically a nice person. (She doesn’t have a blog anymore, so she can use my comment space. But, how do I notify her?)
3. Chenthil; because, I want to see an older and wiser man take up this thing so that I’ll stand naturally vindicated.


  1. You should update your movie blog more often. If you are that vetti.

  2. Gasquetfan,
    I agree, of course. Just that, way past midnight, this one seemed worth taking up.
    And, as has always been the case, I still hope to resurrect my movie blog as a regular blog of sorts... One day, I will.

  3. Thanks for the comment, by the way.

    Everyday, I strive to become vetti-er than I actually am... But, life, for all the liberal sprinkling of ananda in its essence, is a tough nut to crack.

  4. > Anandha Dhukka

    Hmm. Tamil (i)ratham boiling :(

  5. Sankar,
    "Anandam-aa, dukkam-aa?" wasn't half as funny. Adhaan.
    Ippo sollu, Ananda 'va, dukka 'va?

  6. intha 5 *5 Vs 4* 6 enakku puriyalai.

  7. Hawkeye annaatha,
    Anubavikkanum, aaraya koodaadhu.

    Idhaye telungu 'la sonnaa: Aa pinju peddalaku aemi thelusandi babu...

  8. Me?? I visit the blog after 2 months just to end up seeing myself tagged... hmmm... And by the way, the blog seems to be alive. Good good.

    Here goes the five:

    1. I talk fast. Typewriter is one of my nicknames. Till date, my parents have never understood a single sentence without me saying it twice. I have been compared to Rajini - but I argue saying that he swallows words and I dont.
    2. I love cigarette lighters. I tried my first and last cigar when I was 7. Since then one act that elates me is the click and the flame that follows. Especially, Zippo lighters.
    3. I loathe fruits, fruit juices, fizzy drinks, vegetables and milk-related stuff. In short, all who know me think that I dont deserve to live.
    4. The first thing I notice about people is their nails. Long nails, dirty nails, polished nails, bitten-to-end nails, cut-short nails - well, I dont draw my conclusions but I make a note in my mind. If its long and dirty, they are dead. Not because I will kill them but because I will be at their backs inspecting the nails till their death. Crazy, but quite true.
    5. I hate photographing and being photographed. Does not imply I dont enjoy others' works but its too hard to impress me. For me, eyes are the only cameras worth mentioning.

    Should I tag three? I dont know the rules, what if they had already been tagged? I might not even know. Anyway, I will just stop with tagging. Of course, am not planning to notify them.

    1. RH - the only reason being - he wont even care to think about it, let alone carry the tag along
    2. Paazh - Guess he last blogged a year back. His 'kavidhaigal' make me wonder what's with him and randomness! Would love to hear something factual and random from/of him.
    3. GasquetFan - One, I like GF just like that. Two, I find him/her quite funny.

  9. Thats really me :) And forgot to mention, they are neither philo nor ludicrous - never mind, breaking rules is a 24*7 pleasure.

  10. Wow, I've inadvertently paved the way for blogging to the next level of oblivion! (Thanks to my goofy idea of using the comments space, I mean.)

  11. Zero,
    what's so goofy about the idea? It was the only practical thing under the circumstance.

    Thank you for asking me and I shall try to not write too much about Gasquet. Since I don't visit many blogs, I won't tag anyone and will write 10 random stuff about me.

    1. One of the first things I do every morning is check Nilu's site. No RSS, nothing. Plain old typing the URL and hitting the enter key. And depending on the response to my trolling I visit more.
    2. I practice my backhand in tennis with ball machines on court and make videos of it. I plan to post it when it gets closer to Calleri's bomb with Gasquet's consistency.
    3. I have watched V for Vendetta's clip close to 50 times to get the speech that V makes to EV. I want to sound and look stupider.
    4. Couple of weeks back, a tall guy hacked my path and signed me up for a fitness program. And I fell dizzy twice in one week doing all the things the trainer wanted me to do.
    5. I hate people who talk to me about Federer's 'greatness' without understanding tennis.
    6. I don't understand political discussion on the internet. This libertarian/liberal/conservative stuff. It makes me think about Einstein's 'Theory of everything.'
    7. I am prejudiced against software professionals, especially guys. I don't think I hate one professional community as much as I hate these guys. May be I'll change my mind when I meet accountants in the near future.
    8. I love Madras.
    9. I wish there were more women bloggers who post their photos and marital status on their blogs. Not that I know someone who does, but if there were more it increases my chance of knowing one who does.
    10. Transformers is probably the worst movie I have seen in recent times. Made worse by friends who were raving about the movie.
    11. Please just one more. I hate almost all Indians that I have met outside India.

  12. Gasquetfan, good timing there. I mean, how did you land up here at the right time?!

  13. I am vetti, thats why. And you don't have to so modest. You have a great blog, especially the movie blog.