Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Human Tragedy

The human tragedy isn’t much of a tragedy in itself.

Actually speaking, it’s a comedy; dark, black, bitingly sarcastic, slapstick, humane, feel-good or just plain funny. In fact, it’s more comedic than any other single genre of comedy.

As one often realizes, when absolutely delighted and excited after accidentally bumping onto a really good movie, or when immersed in total bliss listening to superb stuff, unconditionally embracing his triviality. Even, when one is excited just after deciding to have a “Rude” under the “Martini Madness” menu in a cool pub, or when pleased at the hot rasam served in a nearby restaurant. Worse even, when one gets ridiculously happy that somebody nodded in agreement on an obscure point that he made.

And so does one, how much ever he tries to dismiss it as a “mere event, part of the great web, that has befallen him,” when clearly stumped by a really cool salary hike after an average [1] appraisal.

Life is delightful. More so, if your EQ ranges from 5.7 to 5.9.

[1] - I am really not sure if it was bad or average.

Last modified on Apr 20, 2006 at 1:11 p.m. to infuse some clarity in the post.


  1. I guess troodons had an EQ of approximately 5, and so do the dolphins.

    Humans average aroung 7

  2. Ishwar,
    Thanks for the info because I actually knew nothing about EQ, per se. Just that I like talking about it.
    So, do you mean to say that an EQ of 5-6 is normal or high enough? Then I will have to alter my claim! Please clarify.

  3. Only Lee can possibly give a comment like that for this post. Keep it up,dude.

    ***Just that I like talking about it***