Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Radha! Radha, Nee Enge?

Just awesome, this one. Oh-so-beautifully sung! And, the violin! Just awesome.

Usually, one’s deaf to lyrics, but the lyrics of this song (Kannadasan) is superb too.

And, of course, this is from the same film that has one of one’s all-time favourites, an absolute masterpiece, sung by Yesu himself.

And, what do you possibly want one to add about Raaja? Is there a temple of Him somewhere? I mean, for God’s sake!


  1. That radha radha song is just awesome. SPB & Janaki, Kamal & Sridevi all just perfec.

  2. it seems you have started digging more into IR's music these days than you favourite ARR's...

  3. Suresh,
    IR has been my absolute favourite at least for the past 4/5 years. Since I seriously started discovering his music. And, ARR took a back seat.
    Not that I disapprove of ARR, but I am quite an IR fanatic myself! (That's to say, I won't be diplomatic by saying both were equally great in their own rights. :))

  4. Just for the record, this is not something I discovered recently (*shudder*).
    I played this song (deliberately) on my CD early in the morning and got hooked to it for the rest of the day.

  5. no doubts IR is good,but not always.There are so many songs he has repeated and i dont mean here the same basic raaga.He had his own choice and he was best at them.I would have been happy if he hadnt repeated his own songs many many times(not to deny iam his fan too)

  6. Wow..beautiful songs..thanks for rekindling my memory with these amazing songs

  7. You idiots, wouldn't it be better if you have said the name of the movie? I am searching for it all over the net