Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A pointless clarification

Apparently, I was the “Bombay reader” of this blog.

On any day, I’d have been tempted to think it was only me [1]. But, as life would have it, my Site Meter stats thought those visits were from Bombay and I believed it. It was a nice joke on me, I thought. A proper “Thanniya Kudi” moment.

[1] - Though I had configured the tracker to ignore the IP where I blog from, and I don’t read my blog as often; or keep one of its pages open for a frightfully long time.

Oru konjam-chinna update (on 04th Oct, 01:45 p.m.): Oh dear! This post was to enlighten the readers about the “Bombay reader” if the previous revelation was a little murky. And, about the total bulb moment of my discovery that it was indeed me. And, look what some dear commenters have turned that into! Serious'aa, Onnume puriyala!


  1. Dude.. I would read your blog often.. If only you would update regularly.. Goa experiences pathi oru post podalaam la..

  2. why should you project yourself as so lonely and shitty? Isn't it obvious from your posts? Do all IT guys in India and outside suffer from this disease? Yuck!

  3. blog elutharappa sarukku athigama adikathinga. its not good for blog and its readers :)

  4. Hmmm, one too many anons (for this blog to handle) and one too many comments.

  5. Zero, you have anons!
    You have moved to the next level. 'Aaatha naa paasaitten' nnu odi varalaaam ippo.

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