Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A plug

It’s not often I get to plug. So, here’s one.

Ranga, an ardent cinephlie who can quote from many a Tamil film at will, and a cousin of yours truly [1], has started a blog on, well, what else but Tamil Cinema.

டங்கன் முதல் மிஷ்கின் வரை

The fellow dabbles in bloody so many things that I can’t possibly list them. Apart from films, he is a big fan of Sujatha, Cho, Crazy (not to forget that yours truly also is, oh so absolutely!) and S. Ve. Shekhar.

Now, I don’t mince words much when it comes to acquaintances, but, this man is pretty much the funniest man I’ve personally known.

In short, one points the readers towards much better reading. If the posts keep coming from there, that is.

[1] - Is this blog becoming a “family type” blog by the day? Time for some Lynch-esque posts to take over, eh?

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  1. a pity i cant read tamil on this stupid ancient comp.