Saturday, October 07, 2006

A let-me-call-it-long interlude of absurdist hedonism

So, I, along with a bunch of jobless folks, went to Goa the last long weekend, basked in the beaches, laid down sodden in water for long, rode along the mountainous roads in bikes, reached places, and basked there, in turn.

In short, immensely enjoyed every moment of it, including the ones when I walked along the beach almost fully wet (and a bit Rum-ed too) for a couple of kilometers and came back past midnight. (And, yeah, the plain sit-and-stare-at-the-wall ones too.)

Like, for instance, here I'm examining a bottle of Smirnoff to see if that's where it lies.

And, a Leone-esque shot, albeit in a contrastingly picturesque spot.

A moment of clarity, is that?

And, this, I thought, was nice. No?

Umm, how about this?

And, here's the signature shot.

A lot of such priceless pics were taken. Some for the readers' discerning eyes.

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